In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks

John Muir

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Hello 2016

Time is moving quickly by as we begin 2016.  This past week I been putting much effort into working on travel arrangements for upcoming trips and also finishing edits from 2015. Trips were fewer last year as I worked on longer term projects however when I was able to get out into the field the moments were magic…


It’s a Family Affair

In late September I returned from a 3 week visit to Botswana, Africa.  Always searching for opportunities to visit lands of pristine wilderness I am often drawn to both eastern and southern Africa.  Botswana in particular offers a rich and varied landscape supporting plentiful wildlife. This trip took me to the Okavango Delta, then the…


Off the Beaten Path

Recently I had the opportunity to do something outside the norm in my photographic efforts.  Typically I find myself wandering in wild places looking at the beauty of landscapes and in search of wildlife that may cross my path.  I do find that creative inspiration and technical capabilities can be refreshed if on occasion I push…


2 Weeks and Counting

As I sit here in southern Ohio watching another snow storm and freezing temperatures I can’t help thinking about the fact that it hovering around 40 degrees in central Alaska at the moment.  Regardless of the weather Iditarod 2015 is set to kick off 2 weeks from today with the ceremonial start in Anchorage, Alaska.…


Snow Day!

At last!  A snowfall that actually covers the ground.  I have often had it said to me that I must really enjoy the cold given some of my travels.  That is in fact not at all true and actually it is quite the opposite.  I take pleasure in a nice sunny day just like most other people.…

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